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Buy directly from producers

We are indoor staircase producers based in Lithuania supplying our products not only to our local but also to the Swedish market. Our customers communicate directly with the producer so they are sure to get the best price offer. 

 In Sweden, stairs are imported to Stockholm area mainly, reaching Uppsala in the north and Sodertalje in the south both to companies and businesses. For big orders we can deliver to any part of Sweden.

Our services include:

  • visits to your home (free of charge)
  • 3D drawings (free of charge)
  • production of stairs
  • professional varnishing or oiling
  • delivery (no additional cost)
  • installation (no additional cost)

The installation of the stairs is carried out by the same professional carpenters who have produced a staircase for you, so we can ensure a smooth installation process.

Delivery terms

Usual delivery term is 5 - 8 weeks after signing a contract. We always discuss delivery time with our customers and it is indicated on the contract.

 However, a staircase cannot be delivered sooner than 4 weeks after an order is placed. It takes about one month to produce a staircase. We are not a mass production company, each staircase is treated individually and a lot of handwork is used to achieve the best result. 

Material options

High quality natural solid hardwood materials are available that can be left in a natural wood finish or coloured to your sample. You can choose:

  • natural solid oak
  • natural solid ash

Railings are available in a range of options: stainless steel pins, square or round wooden pins, turned wooden pins, tempered glass panels.

Design options

Depending on your desired style we offer a wide range of non-standard custom made staircases. Look through our gallery for inspiration or suggest your own ideas. The designs can be changed to meet your individual needs and adopted to the shape of your staircase. Almost any combination of treads, stringers and railings is available.

Get a quote from us by email

It is also possible to get a quote from us by email. You should:

  • send us a photo of the stairs you like
  • add approximate measurements: the height from floor to floor, the dimensions of the opening
  • indicate a type of wood you prefer: ash or oak
  • indicate if it is an open-plan or a closed staircase

When we have this information, we can prepare sample 3D drawings for you and send them by email. If you are interested in our offer, we will visit you and take exact measurements of your stairs.

Book a visit to your home

Telephone: +370 650 56339




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